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                • 品牌:???YINGFENG
                • 型號:???YFS-410U
                • 聯系電話:029-81142812???
                • 在線訂購
                YFS series single-phase multi-function current voltmeter uses special sampling chip for electric power. It can be adjusted digitally by software with high accuracy and long-term stability and reliability. AC current or voltage signal in single-phase power network can be measured. Optional RS-485 communication interface, 2-way relay upper and lower limit output and 1-way analog output. It can realize data display on site and remote transmission and control. The product has the characteristics of convenient installation, simple wiring, convenient maintenance, small amount of engineering, on-site key programming and setting, and has a very high cost performance ratio. Main Applications: New Energy Management System, Substation Automation, Building Distribution, Industrial and Mining Enterprises and other power monitoring occasions of the line, bus and distribution circuit, general GCS, GCK, MNS, GGD and other cabinets. The product has stable performance, reliable quality and high cost performance.