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                • 品牌:???YINGFENG
                • 型號:???YF8017
                • 聯系電話:029-81142812???
                • 在線訂購
                     YF8017 thermal resistance temperature acquisition module is designed by imported high-performance single chip computer. It can measure 6 PT100, PT1000, CU100, CU50, PT500 and other thermal resistance signals at the same time. It is compatible with two-wire and three-wire wiring. The module can be widely used in many distributed temperature measurement systems. Module with RS485 communication interface, standard MODBUS-RTU protocol, compatible with NuDAM, ADAM and other modules and a variety of configuration software such as Kingview, MCGS, Schneider touch screen. It can be installed on the same RS485 bus with the control module of other manufacturers, which is convenient for computer programming and networking. The product is manufactured by advanced SMT process, with stable and reliable performance and high cost performance.