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                • 品牌:???YINGFENG
                • 型號:???YFE-194E
                • 聯系電話:029-81142812???
                • 在線訂購
                YFE-194C series three-phase liquid crystal electric meter can measure dozens of parameters in three-phase power grid with high precision. The instrument adopts large size STN blue screen, high definition, wide angle of view, clear and intuitive display, and the visual effect in dim industrial occasions is better. CT, PT can be set freely by keys or software. Plug-and-pull terminals are convenient for wiring. The instrument has RS-485 communication interface, MODBUS-RTU protocol and is compatible with various configuration software. It can not only realize LCD field display, but also transmit the electrical parameters collected from the front end to the data center in real time through the communication interface. Main Applications: New Energy Management System, Substation Automation, Building Distribution, Industrial and Mining Enterprises and other power monitoring occasions of the line, bus and distribution circuit, general GCS, GCK, MNS, GGD and other cabinets. The product has stable performance, reliable quality and high cost performance.